Digital Award Winnerss 2009

BRONZE WINNER: Siemens Answers Campaign

BRONZE WINNER: Siemens Answers CampaignClient: Siemens Limited India
Entrant Company: RK SWAMY Media Direction Mumbai
Entry Category: A local execution of a multinational campaign
Names to be credited with submission:
RK Swamy Media Direction team under the supervision of Les Margulis.

Marketing Situation: Siemens, Europe’s largest engineering conglomerate, has been inventing more innovative and efficient products in the areas of: Industry, Energy, Healthcare and Consumer Products. Not all audiences across the world are fully aware of the company’s groundbreaking initiatives.

The “Answers” campaign is a global initiative to build awareness and encourage engagement among the target group. Siemens Core Communication is: “We have the answers to the World’s toughest questions. This is our tradition. Since 1847.”

The Siemens Answers campaign had three objectives: 1. Awareness, 2. Engagement and 3. Participation.

Insight: Both urban and rural India has seen a huge upsurge in recent years in terms of “Internet Growth,” particularly among the upper SEC strata. In fact, 71% of Indian Online users are “Regular Users.”

Coupled with dramatic Internet Media growth, it was decided that the Siemens Answers campaign would be promoted heavily on the Internet Medium. Given that “Siemens Answers” has ENGAGEMENT as a prime objective – An Innovative Internet campaign made perfect sense.

Digital Media Strategy: The “Siemens Answers” campaign was targeted at some of the most popular Indian and International Portals. These portals fell under the category of:

Horizontals: Mass Portals with more than 500 Million page views in India alone.
Verticals: Portals belonging to specific categories like – Business, News, Finance, Trading, Vernaculars etc.
International Sites (IP Targeted To Indian Users) : Sites like “Wall Street Journal”,” Bloomberg” and “Financial Times” were used to reach out to the “High Net Worth Individual” from India visiting these sites.


Engagement @ Yahoo Answers: Yahoo Answers India is a Q&A forum where audiences interact with each other on various topics. Siemens sponsored the “Answers Environment Home Page” and asked 4 Questions in the forum.

Awareness @ NDTV Advertorial Page: On World Environment Day, Siemens Home Page banners provoked a “Call To Action,” which led users to a Siemens Advertorial Page. This featured articles on the environment with Siemens’ endeavors to provide answers.

Innovation @ Financial Express: Financial Express is one of the leading financial info portals in India. To make a huge impact on this key target, all four sides of the portal were wrapped by Siemens communications.

Worldwide Best Practices: The Siemens Answers Campaign for India took the Worldwide Campaign theme and used it in a local way that was in tune with Indian audiences, so that the campaign yielded best results. The agency and the client picked up only three motifs out of the many provided with a view toward the mindset of the Indian Internet User.

Results: The Siemens Answers Campaign has generated 130 Million Impressions among its target audience and with statistics like 4+ minutes spent on the Siemens Microsite, the campaign accomplished its objectives of engagement and awareness via innovative online programs—right for India.