Digital Award Winnerss 2009

SILVER WINNER: Acuvue- Keep Yourself Hydrated through your Mobile Phone

Acuvue- Keep Yourself Hydrated through your Mobile PhoneClient: Johnson & Johnson- Acuvue
Entrant Company: OMD India
Entry Category: A local brand or service in a local market with innovation solutions worthy of international adaptation or of world class standards
Names to be credited with submission:
TBD: to be determined

Marketing Situation:Worldwide, about 135 million people with vision problems wear contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses isn't without risk, but proper selection and maintenance can help keep complications to a minimum.

The marketing task was to bring to life the proposition of Acuvue- “Open your eyes to All Day comfort” by:
• Engaging the target group (18-29 year olds who are full time contact lens wearers living in top 6 metros) by driving home product benefits
• Make daily-wear contact lens healthy & trendy.
• Induce trials of Acuvue Moist

Insights: • Lens wearers acknowledge that long hours of lens usage hurt their eyes.
• And in this era of 24/7 performance, this is a potential hindrance in their life.
• Without a comfortable eye it is not possible to give maximum in life.

Many in the target group expressed how they often felt discomfort around 6.00 pm or after wearing contact lens for the whole day. The Digital Idea is that as water is required for your body to stay healthy; it also required that your eyes stay moist.

Mobile was the appropriate medium for this due the personalization factor and the reach it has in the Indian market today. There are 420 million mobile subscribers with over 12 million added every month.

Digital Media Strategy: “Value content” has a much higher demand and retention with audiences, especially among the health conscious.

Connection Idea: • The Target Group knows it’s important to consume water during the day to stay healthy, but they usually do not consume the required amount.
• The idea is to remind them to consume the right amount of water throughout the day.
• At relevant moments the campaign drives home the point that it’s important for their eyes to stay moist while wearing contact lens and introduce free trials for the Acuvue Moist contact lens.
A personalized Mobile Application was created to analyze the water intake required by the user, based on the person’s body weight, climatic conditions and exercise pattern. Thereafter, it reminds the user to drink the optimum number of glasses of water in a day.

The application will also keep a track of the number of glasses consumed and at the end of the day, update the user.

A WAP site was created to enable mobile phone users to
• Register for a free trial and download the application.
• Users who have downloaded the app were informed to go for a trial during the 6 PM alarm.

Worldwide Best Practices: Mobile is becoming the most used device across the globe today. GPRS access is good in both developed and developing markets. The mobile medium makes the tricky part of accessibility and distribution easy due to its personalization and ubiquitous nature, making personalized content virtually accessible anywhere and anytime.

Results: The campaign achieved all metrics in terms of visitors to the WAP site, application downloads and trial requests. In fact, the cost per trial was by far the lowest achieved till date by the brand.