Digital Award Winnerss 2009

Intel-Dell SwarmGOLD WINNER:Intel-Dell Swarm

Client: Intel-Dell
Entrant Company: OMD, Singapore
Entry Category: A local execution of a multinational campaign
Names to be credited with submission:
Rochelle Lobo, Regional Digital Manager, OMD
Karan Kwan, Regional Digital Project Supervisor, OMD
Jessica Ho, Business Director, OMD
Gavin Gibson, Strategic Director, OMD
Euan Wilcox, Business Director, The Upper Storey

Marketing Situation: The overall objective of the campaign was to clearly associate Intel and Dell as partners in revolutionizing the online retail model. The companies needed to be showcased as both architects and innovators in the digital retail space. However, the Singapore test market had a relatively low e-commerce penetration; nonetheless the challenge remained to demonstrate online retail innovation and drive computer sales.

Insights: The Singapore target audience largely believed that brick and mortar retailers enabled a customer to negotiate a better deal; online purchases were simply riskier. A surprising consumer trend was uncovered from China where social networks were being used to “crowdsource” other potential purchasers of big-ticket items to save money. This provided the insight to create a co-branded swarm to aggregate customers and offer purchase benefits.

Digital Media Strategy: The key tactic involved creating a Swarm where users could crowdsource online through social media in order to buy an Intel-Dell product. More potential purchasers would mean a lower individual computer price. This indeed revolutionized the online retail model; it was the first time that the web was used in such a way to build sales.

In addition, a social media integrated site was created using live Twitter feeds, email, mobile activation, dynamic rich media, SMS reminders and blogger previews to insure traffic, buzz and real time information.

Worldwide Best Practices: This strategy and innovation can easily be adapted to all markets. In fact, closed swarms can be initiated for enterprises to help push B2B sales. The blend of social media, mobile, digital and retail can indeed change online retails across markets.

Results: Singapore’s PC Fair is when most local consumers make computer purchases in anticipation of a good deal. During Week 3 of the Swarm campaign, all PCs were selling out—even though PC Fair was only a week away.

Total site visits, pre-qualified leads and those asking for further information far exceeded all benchmarks.

Intel Swarm is now rolling out across the world.