Corn PopsClient: FRITO LAY
Submitted by:OMD USA
Campaign Title: Frito Lay, Only in a Woman’s World

The Challenge:
While women snack more than men, they were increasingly avoiding the chip aisle and not snacking as much with Frito Lay brands. So we needed to give women a reason to come back to our snacks. Women had been duped for years with overpromises of “made for you” and with broken promises of “low calorie snacks you’ll crave.”

There are also three key insights about the female psyche:
1. Women often feel guilty. (Especially about snacks.)
2. Women have their own language.
3. Relationships are critical; women trust and rely on their “sisterhood’ more than anyone else.

Digital Strategy:
he intersection of these three insights created a huge opportunity. Instead of attempting to solve our target’s conflict, which realistically no snack brand could, we would show her we truly understand her by joining the conversation of the “sisterhood.” We married consumer insights with her social and media behavior to create an online video comedy series that read like a conversation with a friend. This was delivered via an innovative, multi-media campaign.

The series, “Only in a Woman’s World”, was composed of 16 webisodes that explored the strange and hilarious moments and rituals around food, exercise, relationships and life that make sense only to women.

Business results significantly exceeded all goals as women’s shopping trips to the snack aisle increased for the first time in four years, while sales grew -- outpacing overall snack category growth by 3x (source: IRI).

Consumer response to the campaign has been unprecedented:
» Over 14 million views of the webisodes to date.
» The campaign is the #1 most subscribed female channel and #4 sponsored channel overall on YouTube.
» The campaign has over 60,000 Facebook fans.