GatoradeClient: GATORADE
Submitted by: OMD USA
Campaign Title: Gatorade, The Performance Center

The Challenge:
Gatorade wanted to reach 13-17 year old, Competitive Athletes with communication around the product’s functional superiority over water and establish that Gatorade is an essential piece of sports equipment. Concurrent to a TV and Print branding campaign designed to win the hearts of teen athletes, Digital’s challenge was to win their minds.

Digital Strategy:
Competitive teen athletes are looking for an edge to help them perform better, and ultimately win.

Gatorade established an exclusive partnership with the leading teen sports publisher, STACK Media. STACK is recognized in the teen athletic landscape as the premiere content producer. Together OMD, STACK and Gatorade built an unprecedented content partnership that opened up new avenues of communication between Gatorade and its core consumer. The Gatorade Performance Center provided a destination for training guides, communication from experts, hydration solutions, and hundreds of training videos for teens.

The 3 month campaign was a huge success! GPC hit all major engagement and traffic benchmarks:
» 100,000 site visits (60% above goal)
» 15,000 registrants to Performance Tracker tool
» 1,000 “Ask the Experts” questions from readers