Client: HSBC India
Submitted By: HSBC India
Campaign Title: Sponsorship of the India Premier League live webcast

The Challenge:
Given the popularity of Indian Premier League, HSBC looked at capitalizing on a part of the IPL mania through available and affordable avenues. Other goals included:
» Developing the online presence of HSBC India
» Improving the overall HSBC branding scores in India
» Generating incremental business through engaging means

Digital Strategy:
By taking up the gold sponsorship of IPL3 on YouTube, HSBC aligned itself to its target group’s media consumption habit, while also being innovative.
» The affinity for watching cricket matches is 42% higher among the core HSBC target group than all adults, making association with IPL an imperative.
» Instead of using conventional media like TV, we capitalized on the fact that India now ranks no.4 in worldwide internet usage and chose to advertise on this medium.
» Association with a website like YouTube helped portray HSBC as progressive and innovative.
» Branding done on other cricketing sites provided a 360 degree feel to HSBC’s association with IPL online.
» Property branding of “live score updates” on other cricketing sites gave the impression that HSBC “owned” all IPL related properties on the Internet.
» The Launch of an HSBC-branded cricket game increased user interaction.
» The campaign reinforced the positioning of “The World’s Local Bank.”
» Staff engagement was generated by “Cricket Fever Hits HSBC,” an offline internal campaign launched for employees.

The property made it to the no.1 spot in the world for the sports genre on YouTube — overtaking NFL and CBS sports too. Product lead generation communication also garnered good results, while the HSBC Brand Health Index Score moved up.