BRONZE: Pitney Bowes

Client: Pitney Bowes
Submitted By:GyroHSR, Cincinnati
Campaign Title: Connect Plus

MagnumTo launch an innovative new mailing machine, the Connect+ Series, Pitney Bowes had to change the perception that postage metering is another cost associated with doing business. The Connect+ Series enables marketers to transform ordinary “white mail” through its unique ability to print personalized messages on the outside of the envelope. Mailers can begin communicating with recipients before they even open the mailing, increasing open-rates and turning a cost into the potential to generate revenue.

Communicating the value of customized on-envelope messaging meant appealing to two segments at once — marketers and mail operators. The goal was to tailor the benefits of the Connect+ Series to both audiences simultaneously and distinctly.

The strategy focused on a fulfillment site positioned as the go-to destination for the entire digital campaign. Each external touchpoint was designed to appeal expressly to the appropriate audience and then serve them highly relevant content — which changed depending on the website the user came from, and what ad they clicked. Also built into the site was the ability for Pitney Bowes’ sales staff to customize the welcome page for each of their leads, offering the most relevant content and a tailored user experience.