PhilipsSILVER: Pop Tarts Taste of Music

Client: Kellogg’s
Submitted By: Starcom USA
Campaign Title: Pop Tarts Taste of Music

The Challenge:
No emotional need is more important to teens than belonging in a group or “tribe.” Through this group of like-minded friends, they can express their passions and individuality without fear of social reprisal. The Taste of Music campaign was designed to integrate Pop-Tarts into music, their number one passion. It also allowed for them to create their own music mash-ups and content.

Digital Strategy:
We enlisted top YouTube artists to create a personal ode to their favorite Pop-Tarts variety. To ignite the passion of the artists’ fan bases, we pitted them against each other in an effort to prove which one was the best. And we gave the teens a chance to express their love for their brand.

Dave Days, the #1 most followed musician on YouTube, started off the war with his tribute to the Brown Sugar variety. Venetian Princess followed that clip by appealing to her 750,000 followers with a love letter to Raspberry and directly challenged Dave’s love of Brown Sugar.

In the end though, Dave Days and Venetian Princess called a truce to the war and co-starred in a video where both artists realized the joys of the opposing side’s favorite flavor. This even marked the first time that two popular YouTube personalities paired up with each other for a viral sensation.

Teens rallied around their favorite flavor and we achieved an unexpected level of success with this video series, including:
» A first-ever ad offering on the YouTube masthead which massively over-delivered with 53MM impressions
» Over 300,000 hours of brand exposure time
» Over 750 comments for the video series