GOLD: Reese's Halloween


Reese HalloweenClient: REESE’S
Submitted by:OMD USA
Campaign Title: REESE’S Perfect Xbox Live Halloween Event

The Challenge:
Reese’s, the milk chocolate and peanut butter candy, was faced with the challenge of engaging young adults and adapting to their evolving media habits. With social media and online communication becoming extremely popular in this age bracket, it became imperative for Reese's to adapt a business strategy that involves engaging their customers through interactive channels.

Gaming offered a measurable solution to test and reach the young Reese's target outside of TV since most of this market already owns or regularly plays video games. Furthermore, its unique attributes allowed Reese's to create the most exciting, innovative, and “ownable” experience within a growing media platform.

Digital Strategy:
Reese’s hosted the world's first Halloween Costume Contest designed for gamers and the first to use Microsoft's Avatars in a big way. The program ran during the month of October leading up to Reese's key Halloween season.

Throughout October, Reese's exclusively unveiled new Avatar Halloween Costumes from their Reese's Perfect Halloween Branded Destination on Xbox Live. Avatars are gamers' 3D personas on Xbox Live, one of the most broad-appealing features of the console. Users had the chance to vote for their favorite costume and win prizes throughout the month, while each week the top costume was carried over to the next competition. The Battle Royale ended on Halloween weekend when the winner was revealed. Just by voting, gamers were entered to win 800 MS Points to purchase any Xbox Live content from games to movies and more avatar costumes.

After the voting period, the campaign had one last party for the Xbox community. Gamers were encouraged to grab their guitars, dress up their Avatars, and compete in the world's largest online Halloween concert with Guitar Hero 5! By participating in the concert on Xbox Live during Halloween Weekend, gamers had a chance to win a highly rewarding prize package: a full home entertainment system including a cutting edge, all-new 3D TV along with James Cameron's Avatar: The Videogame in 3D!

Reese’s created a unique program that became the most successful branded event in Xbox Live history. Utilizing the new Xbox Live Flash capabilities, Reese's program was the first ever Branded Destination to create a fully interactive, immersive brand experience rightfully named the Reese's “Perfect Halloween” experience.

As a result, the Reese's Xbox Live campaign built significant buzz and momentum as well as moving the needle on key brand metrics such as favorability and purchase intent. Among these significant statistics: 40% who viewed the ad went to a local shop to purchase and eat Reese's candy and 56% had a higher opinion of Reese's after seeing the ads.