Client: NIVEA
Submitted by:OMD USA
Campaign Title: NIVEA – Good-bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini Challenge

The Challenge:
NIVEA’s Good-bye Cellulite (GBC) is a range of products that visibly reduce the signs of cellulite while addressing its cause. Although cellulite affects women of all ages and ethnicities, the core target was younger women who are more likely to be concerned over cellulite during the swimsuit season as they get ready to wear a bikini and bare their skin.

Women have been reluctant to try GBC because they are skeptical that a topical cream will work to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Although NIVEA’s research results for the product’s success are featured in its global advertising, the FDA has prohibited NIVEA from using these claims in the US.

Furthermore, the product has a premium price point for drugstores and value chain outlets, which only further increases consumer hesitation in trying the product line during tough economic times.

Digital Strategy:
In an attempt to overcome skepticism, NIVEA created a “Good-bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini Challenge” to showcase the products’ effectiveness through a healthy lifestyle + cream usage competition. This led to a partnership with Ubisoft on their new fitness game, Jenny McCarthy’s Your Shape (PC version). NIVEA was able to link GBC with a trusted personality and an outspoken advocate for healthy living as well as reinforce the body-shaping results that are possible through exercise and GBC product use. More than an ad, NIVEA’s integration in Jenny McCarthy’s Your Shape transformed the campaign from a simple drive to increase GBC Challenge sign-ups to a first of its kind, fully interactive brand experience.

Your Shape comes with a revolutionary 3D camera that lets you become the controller as it tracks your movements and performance. The pillars of the NIVEA Challenge (nutrition, fitness, skincare, style, and of course, cellulite) were seamlessly integrated in the innovative Your Shape game to re-invigorate the product line and increase consumer interest and NIVEA Challenge website participation.

NIVEA has raised the bar for product integration in videogames and blazed new trails for the skincare category. The partnership was unprecedented for both NIVEA and Ubisoft. More than just product placement, NIVEA accepted the challenge of becoming not only a content provider, but also a trusted professional for women’s healthy living.