PhilipsSILVER: Siemens

Client: Siemens India
Submitted By: RK Swamy BBDO/ Digital Direction India
Campaign Title: Siemens Dialogue Engagement

The Challenge:
With innovative technologies, Siemens for many years has been answering questions confronting the Healthcare, Energy and Industry sectors. The Answers Campaign started in 2007-08. In 2009-10, an additional marketing objective was to drive Dialogue Engagement or engage stakeholders in a positive discussion, while underscoring Siemens’ contributions. Digital media was chosen, because of its interactive nature and low cost solutions.

Digital Strategy:
At the core of the “Dialogue Engagement Campaign” was the need to create a stand-alone Siemens engagement platform with viral capability. Both World Water Day and World Environment Day were chosen as the foundations for creating Awareness and Buzz. This resulted in four distinct initiatives:
    Corporate Social Responsibility: Siemens “Pay It Forward” is a socio-environment initiative aimed at bringing together inspired minds who can suggest pragmatic ways of reducing the carbon footprint in India.
    Creation of an e Book on World Water Day: On March 22, 2010, Siemens India tied up with Web 18, India’s largest Digital Media house, to come up with a Microsite that focused on Water Conservation. This showcased an eBook providing various industrial water solutions offered by Siemens.
    LIVE Chat with the audience on is India’s premier news portal with over 3 Million Page views by the key decision makers. A LIVE CHAT widget was introduced on the portal itself on the World Water Day, inviting audiences to participate with experts from the field of Water Technologies.
    Energy Summit with HT Media during World Environment Week: Siemens, in association with HT Media – a leading Indian Media house, held an Energy Summit to underscore Siemens contributions and further discussion during World Environment Week.

The “Dialogue Engagement” campaign exceeded Siemens’ initial goals and has helped them assess the interest levels of its stakeholders for the next phase of the program.