Call for Entries:
Final Deadline: JULY 30, 2011:
Campaigns from June 2010 though July 2011 will qualify for these awards.

A shortlist will announced as the end of September 2011 and Award winners will be announced in October 2011.
Winners will receive:
» An Award statuette for office display.
»The Internationalist magazine will feature a story on the winners in its next edition.
»All winners, including Honorable Mentions, will be showcased on www. A search feature will enable people to better access case study highlights.
»Oxford University's SAID School of Business will use the winners as teaching case studies in their marketing program.

Why an International Award for Innovation Digital Media?

Perhaps Nick Brien, CEO of McCann Worldgroup , has one answer. He recently said, “Digital has changed the face of marketing.”

Marketers, today, need digital answers, but formulating the right questions is often challenging. With dozens of new forms of non-traditional advertising, the digital options can be overwhelming. Our industry can benefit from examples of best practices. Marketers today need digital solutions that bring results.

These Awards are an outgrowth of The Internationalist’s Awards for Innovation in Media and an acknowledgment of how today’s marketing strategy is affected by the growth of Digital.

These will be the first International Digital Awards to be given based upon the geographic footprint of the campaign, specifically: a global campaign, a regional campaign, a local execution of a multinational campaign, and a local campaign worthy of international adaptation based upon world class standards.

How does The Internationalist define Digital? It is any form of "new" media: search, mobile, podcast, POS, interactive, online, viral, social, video. These awards are looking how these media forms contribute to innovative marketing solutions. HP's Scott Berg, a past Jury Chairman, recently said, "In today’s world, our brands are not simply competing with other tech products, but with any brand that a consumer needs to purchase to run his daily life." As a result, the digital media format matters less than the solution offered.