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  4. Answer 5 critical questions about insights and solutions — (you can fax this back, if you prefer)
    » Outline the marketing situation to which the campaign responded (20 points maximum)
    » Describe the critical insight or insights that became the foundation for the digital strategy (20 points maximum)
    » Tell us about key tactics employed and why they are innovative (20 points maximum)
    » Describe how this campaign solution may be a template for other markets or exemplify worldwide best practices (20 points maximum)
    » Discuss the success of the digital campaign and how this was measured (20 points maximum)
    » Show up to 3 relevant examples that best illustrate the innovative solutions described (5 bonus points maximum)
  5. Send up to 3 examples of the work to our FTP site
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    Username: internationalist
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    Folder: digitalentries
    Please name files with your company name in the file name and in a folder with your company name.
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