Monster "BeKnown"

Monster created its own social application, BeKnown, which used the scale and connective tissue of Facebook to turn consumers’ existing “friends” into their most valuable professional contacts. Released across 38 markets, BeKnown not only advanced the interaction between job seekers and employers, it also positioned Monster as an innovative leader in the social job search category.

By activating Facebook data to create a granular target segment, OMD tailored messaging and imagery to each user’s passion point while maintaining BeKnown’s angle as a job search tool. For example, those interested in astrology received an image of a psychic and a headline that read “A New Job is in Your Future.” Ultimately, the campaign positioned BeKnown as an innovative leader in the category by empowering job seekers to find that perfect opportunity through their existing social network. It also catapulted BeKnown as the 16th most-used business application.