Propel "Kiip"

To launch the new Propel product, OMD set out to identify a key trend that resonated with adult fitness enthusiasts-- mobile fitness applications. A smartphone is the perfect diet and exercise aid. You always have it with you, so it is easy to quickly enter data without having to leave your workout.

OMD developed a custom program for Propel that employed a game reward system called Kiip. For the first time ever, a brand delivered real-world rewards, in this case a Propel Zero Powder Packet, to users at a “moment” of achievement within fitness apps. Since every moment is unique to the individual, the program was developed to understand each user’s ability and reward them based on achievements tied directly to their skill level. This meant that everyone from Olympic athletes to casual walkers could still be challenged by the program.

KiipIn order to participate, users went about their workout routine per usual and once benchmarks were reached, a notification appeared inside the app informing users that they had unlocked a Propel Zero reward. When consumers clicked on the notification, a full-screen Propel banner allowed the participant to enter their email address to immediately redeem their free sample, all without leaving the app experience. A follow-up email was then sent directly to the individual with a link to enter their name and address so the reward could be sent to their home. With share functionality found on the notification email the athlete could then brag about their reward to their friends on Twitter and Facebook.