"Caught on Samsung"
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Style and Buzz Bridges the Gap Between Old and New Media… this is a classic, effective idea.

Samsung wanted to show how its new MV800 camera can take pictures in a completely different way. They also wanted to make a distinction that while smartphone cameras were for spontaneous moments, dedicated digital cameras were meant for capturing beauty, culture and art that was worthy of people’s attention.

Caught on SamsungWith Conde Nast, “Caught on Samsung” became the first-ever daily global blog used to capture chic street style in Paris, London, New York and Rome. Photographers took to the streets and took pictures of people with a unique, trend-worthy sense of fashion.

Samsung saw a 26% increase in Brand Awareness, 33% increase in Brand Preference and a 33% increase in Purchase Intent. As people think the smartphone camera is replacing the digital camera, Samsung proved that some things never go out of style.