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Victory Motorcycles
"Breaking Boundaries of Mobile Media"The Integer Group

Victory Motorcycles is the ”David” to Harley Davidson’s “Goliath.” It is a challenger brand with a bold message: “Ride one and you’ll own one.”

Victory’s target, the “Motorcycle Enthusiast,” has an insatiable appetite for an on-bike visceral experience and craves a ton of information on motorcycling. This individual wants to receive information on their own time and they are always on the go, making it harder to reach this niche audience. Generally, the motorcycle enthusiast is a tinkerer and a tech savvy guy, so digital, specifically mobile, became the platform for this campaign. A niche category requires finding a niche target in the mobile space. The idea was to capitalize on the physical context and location of the audience in order to be added to the target’s consideration set.

Integer used the latest location data available for “mobile billboards” that matched the audiences interests with key moments like motorcycle repair shops, motorcycle rallies, pit stops on well-known scenic rides, military bases, biker bars and concerts. The mobile ad content was customized to the identified passion point.

The campaign has helped drive upwards of $10 million dollars in sales in the first six months of the year.