Xerox A World Made Simpler Submitted by Y&RGold

"A World Made Simpler"

Xerox Corporation is THE world-class leader in the printer and copy machine industry. But it’s no longer JUST about printers and copiers. Xerox is also establishing itself as a leading competitor in business process services. Hence Y&R’s challenge was how to communicate the new Xerox, while still retaining the core for which the company is known, and conveying that message the digital and social space.

Xerox’s iconic copier paper was integral in linking to its legacy and bridging its future. Video was also critical to capturing Xerox’s new character based on simplifying the way business works so the world works a little better. Sharing the video called for a strong presence on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer (an employee social network), LinkedIn, the company intranet (WebBoard), and Google+. In addition to digital follow-up, Xerox initiated discussion through CEO speaking engagements and by providing subtitled versions of the video for our offices around the world.

From transportation to healthcare and beyond, Xerox clearly demonstrated how it provides services and technologies that make all of these systems more effective and efficient. And in doing so, showed how it transformed its own brand.