Twix (Mars)
"Digital Pause"
Starcom MediaVest Group

The TWIX brand in Australia found a relevant way to bring to life the brand’s new global positioning of “Pause like you mean it” or taking a break in an always-on world. However, for most Australians, this is a territory that is synonymous with KitKat’s “have a break, have a KitKat” tagline. Starcom MediaVest needed to find a way to bring ‘the pause’ to life for TWIX; a way that was clearly different and could not be easily replicated by KitKat.

The target audience included heavy users of online video who immediately recognized the TWIX logo (two parallel sticks of TWIX chocolate that looked like a pause button logo) as an icon that they interact with on a daily basis. With a goal as extraordinary as replacing the pause button with a TWIX logo, Starcom also needed a partner that was equally daring. The launch of the new TV channel Eleven provided a unique platform and the perfect partner, who number “11” also looked like the TWIX parallel chocolates and pause button.

TWIX impulse sales grew at a rate that reflected double the category growth. But the most important result is the huge jump in branded recognition for TWIX’s pause logo.