HP—Make IT Happen 2.0 Submitted by PHD Network SingaporeSilver

HP "Make IT Happen 2.0"
PHD Network Singapore

HP (together with Intel) had success with a large scale campaign about possibilities called Making IT Happen. Phase 2 was “Make IT Happen, see real results” geared to show real customer results to real problems. Hosted on www.MakeIThappen.com/(country), a competition launched across Australia, India, Indonesia and China. Users were asked to specify their biggest IT challenge. HP would choose a winner, and solve the problem with a suite of IT products. In the process, small to mid-size businesses learned of IT challenges and solutions via an online platform, and also proposed ways HP (together with Intel) could better serve their needs. The engagement led to Lead Generation, while showcasing HP was as solutions creator, instead of just a passive partner.