DuPont “Horizons Project” Submitted by Ogilvy EntertainmentSilver

DuPont “Horizons Project”
Ogilvy Entertainment

DuPont has a 210 year history of scientific discovery, but believes collaboration is key to tackling humanity’s challenges. The Horizons Project is a comprehensive branded content platform developed to reinforce DuPont as a thought leader to spark global dialogue to find solutions to the world's most critical problems.

The Project includes the broadcast series, Horizons, developed independently by BBC World News, and sponsored by DuPont. During the commercial break of each Horizons episode, a series of short documentary-style commercials complement the show and highlight inventive thinking and new solutions. They also appear on DuPont's YouTube channel.
By integrating offline and online, DuPont was able to comprehensively and affordably disseminate their new brand positioning around the world…. For the first time in decades.