Sony Pictures International
"Spiderman- Facebook App"
OMDi London

OMDi London found a delightful and engaging way to enable younger fans to
discover the Spiderman film for the first time. Not only did it enable them
to know the cast, but become part of the story. This involved playing with
actual movie assets, so that participants could place themselves within the
film to become characters. They could then share the app with their

They implemented a "Mask-on, Mask off" approach to target those who were
fans of Spiderman the action hero or the Peter Parker the everyday human.
The solution was to create an environment where both types of fans could
relate to the film. Spiderman fans flocked to the Spiderman image within the
app as it was the most popular. Meanwhile, over 50% of the people also
interacted with the Gwen Stacey image showing it reached the goal of
touching both demographics.

The Amazing Spiderman Facebook App drove 1.3MM views and delivered 400% of
Install goal worldwide.