Boeing Gold

"From Inspiration to Innovation"

From Inspiration to Innovation tells the stories of Boeing engineers and technologists who develop innovative solutions that literally change the world. United by the drive to do something important—to solve the next big problem, to develop something that has previously been considered impossible—these engineers share their passion for building something better in short video profiles.

The strategy is enhanced through sponsored events and supplemental digital content including an interactive 96-year history of the company’s ground-breaking products and services, along with visually appealing company factoids.

The videos, event-derived content and supplemental materials are made available to the target audiences through multiple channels using the PESO model. The acronym sums up the types of available channels as Paid (advertising, sponsorship), Earned (third party media placements), Shared (placements on partner-owned channels) and Owned (those channels that are owned and controlled by Boeing). The campaign uses the company’s owned media channels, including microsite, a custom iPad app and the Boeing YouTube channel, as the primary hubs for the videos, posting to Twitter, Facebook and FlipBoard to drive viewership and engagement. This is in addition to paid, earned and shared media.

True to the company’s engineering heritage, the simple model allows the company to plan and track its efforts and their respective impact over time. Regular reviews of metrics ensure that the team is placing the proper emphasis on the approaches which prove most successful over time.