Pfizer Nutrition — Wyeth Learning
OMD Hong Kong

When Wyeth & OMD realized that Hong Kong parents were missing was a “centralized” platform for them to learn from other children’s learning performance, they created an online, interactive video resource. They captured parents’ emotions by showcasing heartwarming films featuring everyday learning surprises of HK kids hosted by a popular radio personality, Leo Chim. These were shared on media first home-page take-over ad formats in high-traffic local websites - Baby Kingdom, Yahoo HK and Apple Daily. This reminded parents’ of their kids’ exemplary learning abilities and strengthened their desire to share their own stories.

Once parents uploaded a video with their feelings about their child’s learning achievement, we sent their kids a set of personalized QR-code name-cards linking directly to their videos to share with friends and family, another HK media first. This instantly sparked interactions and created conversations among HK parents in social networks that led to a bigger desire for participation. To help parents better learn from others’ videos sharing, they received positive feedback for their nurturing care and ‘proactively’ responded to their videos via Early Childhood Specialists analyzing their kids’ surprising achievements in 4 Key Developmental Areas – Observation Skill, Cognition Ability, Physical Vitality & Immunity. Wyeth is now seen as a primary resource for authoritative parenting information- a strong emotional connection to the brand.