Smirnoff (Diageo), "Nightlife Exchange Project"

?As the Global market leader, Smirnoff has the license to own the biggest category usage occasion: Nightlife. To stake a claim on something as big as ‘nightlife,” the campaign needed to empower discovery by inspiring people all around the world to create great Smirnoff experiences that transform nightlife. And it had to do it in a way that was flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of local market situations — (from cultural to legal) — to deliver a truly global brand experience.

Smirnoff saw the opportunity to connect global nightlife lovers around the world and engage a massive global community to discover, share and swap the world's most original nightlife.
They tapped into unique, local nightlife culture by creating an exchange program in 50 markets where local intelligence and inspiration can be shared. Smirnoff provided unique occasions and tools for consumers to re-invent their nightlife experiences through a co-creation program in 50 countries, called the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project. Smirnoff turned to their fans to share their culture’s best nightlife ideas, and in exchange they had the opportunity to experience the best of someone else’s, across 50 vibrant and unique markets.

The Project built a global brand platform with massive scale. Smirnoff has recruited the largest spirits community in the world. With global reach across 180 countries and in 16 languages, Smirnoff has one of the widest spanning social campaigns in the world that works seamlessly across real world and virtual environments unlike any other.

It also offered highly flexible local customization. The program was built with the ultimate flexibility in mind to allow each country to easily customize messaging to fit their local needs, languages, content, product availability, local drink preferences, local promotions and events, and critically accounts for the many legal restrictions each country has for spirits marketing. It’s this inherent flexibility that enables our global scale to address all local needs while ensuring a consistent brand identity for Smirnoff across the globe.