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Accenture "Mobile Accenture"
Accenture (Global) is the dynamic online presence for Accenture, a $27.9 billion global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. To serve the growing number of visitors accessing the site from a mobile device, Accenture had long provided a mobile-optimized version of However, while visitors to the desktop version of our site could scan more than 50,000 pages to learn about our services, research insights and our success with clients, those visiting through a phone could scan little more than a simple list of services in a mobile-optimized format. Studying their target’s use of mobile technology Accenture found that fully half of their time online is spent through either a tablet or a smartphone. Further, they found more than three-quarters of our target use a smartphone and that a growing percentage is leveraging mobile-enabled content. Beyond offering mobile-optimized pages, Accenture wanted to enable our mobile presence to expand seamlessly with their website and needed an innovative approach enabling them to publish updates to their mobile optimized site simultaneously, without creating a separate site in the process. Accenture has since seen heavy traffic to the site—nearly 40,000 visits and more than 60,000 page views in the most recent month for which we have complete metrics. They have launched mobile-optimized versions of our website for internationally, in the United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Netherlands, China and France.