Lenovo, "LeFun Run: GPS Marathon"
BlueFocus (Local)

Most people find out about marathons when athletes break world records or when accidents happen. As social media and smart devices develop continuously, there are more ways to watch and participate in sports. Purely watching sports on TV can no longer satisfy the audience, people would like to participate and share more. Lenovo takes on this opportunity to build an innovative brand image: LeFun Run, a social platform designed for marathon runners. With an aim of using technology and mobile Internet for marathons to become a sport everyone can participate in anywhere they would like. The ultimate goal for Lenovo is to increase its smart phone exposure to showcase product features via this innovative marketing to attract young consumers and increase the brand awareness of Lenovo smart phones. LeFun Run is a social application for runners with GPS and social sharing functions. The Lenovo marathon GPS webcast 2012 took place in the Beijing International Marathon on November 25, 2012, the Shanghai International Marathon on December 2, 2012 and the Xiamen International Marathon on January 5, 2013. There were 196,112 Weibo items related to LeFun Run, and the app was downloaded 1,050,000 times. More and more young people are using LeFun Run to jog and share their routes and emotions. Thus they are influencing more of their friends to start running and a healthier lifestyle. Google's comment on this GPS webcast was "after the webcast, Lenovo is truly a distinguished brand."