HBO, "True Survival"
HD US (Local)

HBO’s True Blood is one of the most popular programs on TV. However, due to plot changes in Season 5, the viewership decreased for the series overall. HBO needed to effectively reinvigorate fans love for the iconic moments of each True Blood season, and awaken their passion for the show’s sixth season. Giving fans the reins, HBO created a custom HTML5 game, creating a strong connection between highlights of the most popular season while leveraging the engaging functionality gaming offers. Teaming up with TreSensa Mobile Games and Mondo Studios “True Survival” was created, a multi-level mobile game that is built in HTML5 and device agnostic.

The goal of True Survival was to help the main character, Pam, to survive as long as possible and try to achieve the high score or beat your previous best. The player could then invite other fans to play via social platforms and post their scores, game captions and game links to the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. With over 210,000 plays and an average of 30 minutes on average spent on the site, it was released in 25 languages.