Lion Dairy, "Farmers Union Iced Coffee," Starcom Media Vest (Local)

Farmers Union Iced Coffee has legendary status in South Australia. The 600mL carton outsells Coca-Cola’s 600mL bottle by almost 2:1 with the brand officially becoming a certified Southern Australian icon. This meant there may be little room in South Australia for Farmers Union Iced Coffee to grow. With goals of expanding outside its heartland and aim for wider national prominence, Farmers Union Iced Coffee was challenged with not being the preferred brand in other Australian states. Success meant not only creating immediate appeal to drive short-term sales, but cementing a unique position in the hearts of Aussie men for long term loyalty and new market growth. However, Farmers Union Iced Coffee resonated with the way Australian cricket used to be, resulting in the birth of ‘The Club Room.’ The Club Room was designed to be a destination accessible across the country, in their homes, their online world and their local sporting clubs. Farmers Union Iced Coffee’s Club Room united Aussie men across the country with the brand, each other, their sporting heroes - to ultimately generate long term brand love. Exiting The Club Room, 72% of visitors claimed intention to purchase Farmers Union Iced Coffee a 66% ROI.