Maersk (AP Moller), "Quest for Oil," FRND+ Serious Games (Global)

Maersk is the largest shipping company in the world, but is known by few outside the industry. The company heritage and corporate mantras of ‘constant care’ and ‘silent living’ has kept Maersk from engaging in major communication and branding initiatives towards the broader public. Over the next years the company is focusing investments into the oil and gas division.. These efforts required a break with Maersk’s traditional approach to communication. How should Maersk position itself amongst the broader public, and provide the insights necessary in order for people to grasp the scope of one of the world’s most challenging industries? Our solution was a real time strategy computer game: The Quest for Oil. Drilling 12 into the planet, crossing immensely dense layers of earth and rock and hitting the target with a precision of inches were the themes of the game, all with a goal of giving people unique insights into a highly technological industry and provide an involving hands-on experience in which you can engage and learn. To date the game has been downloaded 113,827 times.