McDonald’s, "Swedish Wraps," OMD Sweden (Local-multi)

With an objective of driving visits during peak lunchtime hours the McWrap was chosen as the vehicle to drive these visits. The main barrier to success was fragmentation of the lunchtime market. To change lunch buying behavior patterns and convey the message that McDonald’s a famous and beloved burger joint also offers wraps was a challenge that needed an innovative solution. The McWrap is easy to eat on the move and can be eaten with one hand. To reach people on the go and visualize McWrap as the product you can easily bring with you was the campaign goal. The McDonald’s app already had a large audience over, 100K users, so to engage with and leverage this audience in a new and innovative way McDonald’s implemented the use of a ‘Hands On’ app mechanic to inform app users about the new McWrap. To complete the challenge, participants had to: download the McDonald’s app, find a virtual McWrap via the maps feature, hold a finger to the virtual McWrap without letting go until you reach the closes McDonald’s restaurant and claim your free McWrap. This ‘Hands On’ approach lead to the sales of McWraps during the launch performing at 31% above estimated goals. There was extremely high engagement and to date 100,000 free McWraps were redeemed. Footfall increased significantly increased and McDonald’s lunchtime position was successfully defended.