Nissan, "Connected to the City," OMD International (Local)

Since arriving on the scene in 2007, Nissan Qashqai has defined the crossover SUV market throughout Europe. However, competition has intensified and the challenge of converting awareness into action and enquiries has become harder. With a goal of creating deeper engagement with their target audience Nissan tapped into research showing that more than 70% of the target demographic use their smartphone while watching TV. They expect technology to be seamless and intuitive, so Nissan turned to mobile technology to users a deeper experience of Qashqai, synched with TV advertising. Founded in 2002, Shazam has had great success using sound-recognition technology enabling users to learn the artist and title of songs on the radio. Identifying this technology could be used to respond to music in Qashqai TV advertising intuitively linking people to content about Qashqai in real time the strategy was simple; create a cross TV & Mobile experience that use Shazam application to link people through a virtual experience of the Qashqai and deliver this at scale across Europe. When the TV commercial aired, a call to action banner appeared on screen inviting the viewer to launch the Shazam app on their smartphone. Shazam detected the TV commercial soundwave and took the users into a second screen mechanic that turned the ATL campaign into a totally different experience. A media first in 16 countries across Europe, more than 130,000 users interacted with user engagement reaching over 35%.