Canon EOSSilver

Canon EOS
"Power to Generation M,"
PHD International (Multinational)

With the Digital compact camera market in decline due to the rise of smart phone penetration and the popularity of disposable imagery on social network sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, Canon needed to remind their amateur audience about the value of quality photography and inspire them to rediscover the power of the everyday image through their work and personal passions. The objective for the EOS campaign was to create awareness for the new EOS M camera, a compact and DSLR hybrid camera, and drive growth by encourage existing consumers to upgrade from their smartphones and entry level cameras. Most people think of themselves as a ‘creator’ in this digital age, but for many the technical side of photography is overwhelming thus they default to the more instantaneous mobile phone photography. Canon knew that their audience is not interested in being photographers per se--- they want to be better designers, writers, stylists and so the aim of the campaign was not to focus too heavily on the camera and features but instead demonstrate how using the EOS M could enhance the creative output for their other passions in life. In order to do this Canon engaged 5 ambassadors (A fashion blogger, visual artist, food stylist & chef and fashion magazine stylist) to share their creative work and journey as inspiration. In partnership with VICE Canon created a Pan-European campaign across 6 markets featuring 5 high profile creative influencers from within the VICE world showing how the EOS M camera helped them document and inspire their daily creative process. Using homepage takeovers and videos & banner placement on the VICE homepage and seeding throughout the ADvice and VICE blogging network, users were directed to the ‘Generation M” microsite which featured videos, interviews and reportage created by these Canon influencers. This gave Canon increased credibility and ultimately delivered a higher reach against a more qualified audience.