Dannon Oikos
"Tasty Additions,"
Havas Media (Local)

Oikos continues to build its place as a strong #2 in the US Greek yogurt segment, but eyes are on the #1 spot. Twenty percent of Greek yogurt segment volume is from large cups, such as quarts, and Oikos only has 6% of the large cup volume, suggesting that Oikos had the opportunity to grow share in this business as a cooking ingredient.

The #1 searched term for Greek yogurt is recipes, but the relevance of yogurt drops during the holidays as consumers prefer making comfort food or traditional recipes over healthy food. Oikos developed a well-timed holiday themed digital effort, ”Tasty Additions to Your Traditions” that engaged women throughout all points of their recipe seeking journey with compelling and innovative content within digital and social channels. By teaming up with highly respected recipe websites, Oikos was able to communicate the new use (cooking) and be seen as credible in the cooking space based on the placements. The brand was able to leverage a downloadable cookbook, a key takeaway that will continue to help drive future sales. It presented the target consumer with a new use for Oikos and exactly how to use it in a recipe.