"Thinking Big,"
Havas Media (Local)

When it comes to investing, the search for fresh ideas and big opportunities never ends. Neither does the battle for analysts, mutual fund managers, and asset-class experts who can find them. There are many competitors in the marketplace, and Fidelity set out to differentiate itself from the set. To overcome this, they partnered with several thought-leadership outlets to distribute their Thinking Big content and videos to audiences that would find it relevant and thought-provoking. The challenge was to find thought leaders across multiple media touchpoints. The end goal was to get these thought leaders to engage with the content either by going to the custom landing zone and view the videos, share the content via email or social networks, or attend events to engage with Fidelity in person. Fidelity sought to align themselves with thought leadership content across channels would allow the messaging the best opportunity to resonate with its target audience.
A key component to the campaign was a sponsorship with The Atlantic, a thought-leader platform in the space. The Atlantic worked created custom content around each of the four Thinking Big themes: Water, Bio Tech, Personalized Medicine, and Big Data. It created a Native advertising experience which combined video content, infographics and advertising. It also utilized promotional Tweets helping to drive traffic to the experience. This Thinking Big campaign proved highly effective at raising awareness and increasing favorability for the brand.