Canada, GM Chevrolet Spark LaunchSilver

General Motors Canada, "GM Chevrolet Spark Launch," Carat (Local)

Last summer, Chevrolet launched in Canada the Spark, a sub-compact car, with high hopes of entering a very competitive market. It sells at a very accessible price point and has certain assets that make it one-of-a-kind. The car had already been released with great success around the world and Chevrolet was ready to “Import their Export”. The Spark had to be out there, versatile and nimble. Notoriety had to be built in a short period of time and the brand had to reach a young target who is spread out in their media consumption habits and selective about the content they choose to engage with. An association with the Osheaga music festival, a major cultural event for the market Chevrolet was aiming for, adults 21-35, had set the stage for the campaign. The overall objective was to generate buzz around the brand and to continue capitalizing on the Osheaga visibility. Multitasking is a phenomenon ingrained in the target’s media habits, so it made sense to create an interaction between a banner and a smartphone. A 300x600 banner was created and it contained a 10-second pre-roll video highlighted a special feature of the car: the possibility to unlock the car’s doors with a smartphone. The user was prompted to text message “SPARK” to a short number in order to receive a code that allowed them to “unlock” select content. When the user entered the code, the car lights flashed and previously blocked contents were now available. This gave the users the impression they had unlocked the car. Chevrolet selected partner websites that strongly resonated with the target and handpicked cultural contents every three days for a period of three months. There was no “paid-for” advertorial or branded content, simply the same style of content users were accustomed to, with an added feeling of exclusivity and reward. With over 1M unique visitors reached and a 0.63% CTR, Chevrolet experienced over 3,450 unlocked banners.