Leviís, "Flipboard Social Catalog,"
OMD International (Local)

Leviís is an iconic fashion brand with a distinct image and cultural voice, but it wasnít getting traction with younger audiences. So Leviís set out to reinvigorate the brand. Knowing that the target consumer would reject the traditional, interruptive media model, Leviís did the same. Instead of interrupting their lives with an advertising message, Leviís would take a disruptive approach, infiltrating passionate communities with authentic content and experiences that allowed for maximum interaction with their target. They found that mCommerce had been exploding among our target audience, and the market was expected to reach 50+ billion dollars in the next few years. To raise awareness and generate sales among a younger, connected target, they needed a mobile idea that showcased the fashionable brand with impactful imagery within the confines of the mobile environment. In order to bring the brand to life, Leviís collaborated with Flipboard, a massive application with over nine million monthly users that aggregates social and professional content dynamically into a beautiful digital magazine. High impact imagery was inserted into nine major publicationsí editorial sections on Flipboard. Those images created a brand new experience for Leviís and an entirely new product for Flipboard. The Leviís Magazine, a rich, custom digital experience was tied to sales, allowing for full ecommerce capabilities without having to leave the Flipboard app ó and becoming the first-ever shoppable magazine. In conjunction with the launch of the shoppable magazine, full page ads with nine Flipboard publications including Vanity Fair, Details, Glamour, ESPN, Fast Company, and more. Action on ads directed readers to the Leviís shoppable magazine and readers could navigate within the Leviís section to designated menís and womenís shoppable collections. Leviís content was fully sharable across all social networks and the products were shoppable via integration with the e-commerce engine. The Leviís magazine not only functions as a template for success, but it was so successful that Flipboard created a new ad product based on the execution and now actively sells it to other brands looking for mobile solutions. The Leviís and Flipboard partnership easily achieved the goal of generating awareness among a younger, mobile audience with imagery reaching nearly 4MM Flipboard readers, almost 50% of the user base. Innovative content generated nearly 1.8MM flips or digital page turns. This all led to more than 160,000 clicks to the ecommerce experience. Overall, the Flipboard partnership was not only a hugely successful first-of-its-kind mobile execution, it was also a standout piece of a larger campaign that drove a 5% increase in revenue and a 264% increase in profit according to the latest quarterly results.