Planters "NUTrition Peanut Butter" Kraft Foods, Starcom Media Vest (Local)

It’s hard to improve on something as perfect as peanut butter. Kraft decided to meet that challenge by formulating a delicious version for active adults, adding extra ingredients like granola and berries, resulting in a protein-packed fuel called Planters NUTrition. Kraft knew our health enthusiast audience was diet conscious, active and inherently mobile. A fresh take needed to be introduced on an old staple. Kraft found significant overlap between health enthusiasts and car-sharing subscribers. Zipcar is the most popular U.S. car-sharing service and Zipsters, Zipcar customers, rely on their cars to navigate local hotspots, take road trips and most importantly, go to the grocery store. In a first-of-its-kind experience, Kraft partnered with Zipcar for the centerpiece of its mobile execution. The “Daring Detours” program began with a curated collection of exciting itineraries in each of Zipcar’s 14 cities. To fuel the campaign, Zipcar brand ambassadors distributed NUTrition Peanut Butter samples and “Ticket to Adventure” stubs were placed in vehicle cupholders. Nearly every Zipster uses a smartphone, and those who snapped the corresponding QR tag on the stub entered the “Daring Detours” mobile experience. Kraft offered suggestions for active hot spots such as trampoline parks, rock-climbing gyms and zip lines. People who participated also found a downloadable digital coupon for NUTrition. We encouraged Zipsters to share their adventures on social media. Listening as the social chatter increased, there were amplified Zipster stories through Klout activations. Participants posted photos of themselves on Instagram with hashtags #NUTritionPB and #zipcar to earn a $25 account credit and the chance to win a free Zipcar for a year. Kraft reached overlapping social media-ready communities that hadn’t been the focus of their client’s marketing strategies. Subsidizing Zipcar travel, while increasing Planters’ brand awareness, was a true symbiotic relationship. Planters NUTrition interacted with more than 300,000 Zipsters across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and email and over 25,000 live samples and coupons were distributed. earned more than 10,700 unique visitors, spending approximately 1:30 minutes per visit. Judging by these results, Kraft is well on its way to achieving the annual goal of 4% trial rate among health enthusiasts.