Samsung Smart TV, "Smart-Fencing," Starcom Media Vest (Global)

With motion and voice control built in, the Samsung Smart TV is the most advanced TV on the market, truly embracing today’s immersive technology lifestyle. The only problem is people typically only buy a new TV every 5 years. The question became, how could Samsung drive excitement for an immersive TV experience in a consumer’s non-immersive living room? By getting them out of their own living rooms and into Samsung’s. That is exactly what they did with the first ever global smart-fencing mobile campaign. People today expect immersive technology experiences. They can’t live without their smart phones and tablets. They touch a screen and expect it to react. And yet they haven’t upgraded their TVs, the device that is almost perceived as an actual member of the family. Enter Samsung’s new Smart TV. If Samsung could enable consumers to experience the Smart TV living room first-hand, there’s no way they wouldn’t get excited. In fact, 86% of people who buy Samsung Smart TVs first experience them in a retail environment. So that’s exactly what they made happen. An experience centered on the new Smart TV was built at key retailers in each market, including a demo of Angry Birds controlled by voice and gestures. But how could we physically move people from the comfort of their own living rooms to ours? They would speak to them when they were already at or near the retail location. And they sought to speak to the right people - tech enthusiasts and early adopters, those that would be most excited about Samsung’s Smart TV innovations. Using geo -fencing technology to identify tech enthusiasts that frequent electronics stores across the US, UK and Canada based on their mobile devices’ historical location data. Using the same geo-fencing technology, they connected with this audience through their smartphones only when they were at or within 5 miles or 8 kilometers of a key retailer. Once within proximity, they were served a mobile message inviting them to test out this new living room experience with the Samsung Smart TV. To encourage social behavior, a “check-in” button was incorporated for people to easily share their Smart TV experience with friends. No one had ever geo-targeted such a specific audience at such a specific moment at a multi-national level. To date 64K tech enthusiasts engaged with the Smart TV mobile smart-fencing experience with an engagement.