Ted, "The Impossible Hero," PHD Germany (Local-multi)

Ted, the film hero is annoyingly immature, politically incorrect and quite simply impossible. Plus, he is – a teddy bear! Go figure his movie is up against a nationwide blockbuster against a combined force of cinema-superheroes like The Avengers, Batman and Spiderman flooding the box office at exact the same time. So PHD decided to introduce Ted to the world instead of launching a movie. We used a unique digital strategy that would make Ted the teddy bear that everyone had to meet, through home page takeovers as bold as his personality that left consumers wanting more. We realized that there was just one way to make people chose the clumsy bear over a bunch of cool comic heroes: Make all communication prior to the film as hilarious, disrespectful and inappropriate as Ted himself. In order to do so, PHD decided to simply provide Ted with an online-stage as big and versatile as possible and let his “charming” and “enjoyable” personality work its magic. And this he did – exorbitantly so. He hijacked film sites, newspaper and magazine landing pages with his hilarious and disrespectful behavior and made his way on Youtube, Facebook & Co. PHD knew that TED could only win this battle, if we could make him the hero of the digital ecosphere – so we needed to get people to like, share and comment. The press totally fell in love with him, featuring umpteen stories in the spirit of “Teddy bear beats Batman” and TED was among the top ten most discussed Facebook topics of 2012.