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Xerox, "Made Simple," Y&R (Global)

Over the past few years Xerox has transformed itself from ‘a copier company’ into one of the leading providers of business services in the world. In 2010, Xerox launched a repositioning campaign centered on building credibility and trust in the services business. This was executed by using customer testimonials of popular brands to convey the services these brands outsourced to Xerox. The problem here was that this approach put the spotlight on the Xerox customers, and left the Xerox brand playing second fiddle to client’s stories. Xerox needed to carry on with telling their new story to clients, investors, analysts, business industry leaders and influencers; but in a way that shifted the spotlight back to Xerox. Their initial insight was that regardless of Xerox’s direction and messaging, its core would remain the same – simplifying how work gets done. In fact, 52 percent of annual revenue comes from the back office solutions and services that Xerox provides companies, governments and municipalities around the world. The strategic approach to this phase of Xerox’s repositioning campaign was to tell our story using some substantial “factoids” that powerfully convey the scale and scope of what they do. This new approach would drive a unique and completely integrated campaign, from TV, print, OOH digital and social. To do this, they designed high impact rich media units to talk to six key services offerings to hit key verticals: Finance & Accounting, Document Management, Human Resource Services, Customer Care and Transportation services. The messaging was straight forward and by the facts, demonstrating the enormous amount of back office work Xerox does for so many behind the scenes, so they can focus on what matters most. Using platforms like video pre-roll, a unique campaign destination site titled and a social media aggregator Xerox set out to change the conversation. The results blew past all projections in terms of engagement and conversions with over 200,000 visitors to, and over 5 million interactions with the website’s content. Over a thousand case studies downloaded, and ten thousand brand videos were watched on the site about the new services that Xerox provides were proof that users were curious and interested in the compelling shift Xerox was taking through the campaign. Xerox’s referral volume, referral rate, and cost per referral to’s Services pages surpassed the other campaigns and optimizing the online media and site has helped in increase all metrics across the board.