Human PotentialGOLD

Microsoft, "Human Potential," StarcomMedia Vest (Local-multi)

In Microsoft’s battle against the market leader in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software space of managing the sales process, they desired to show Business Decision Makers how Microsoft Dynamics empowers them and their employees. Through an app Microsoft developed that creates nametags based on Business Decision Maker’s personal achievements, they showed how Microsoft Dynamics unlocks true business potential to set them apart in their professional social circle. To accelerate advancement in your professional career, it is imperative to have a personal brand – a brand that unlocks your true potential. A personal brand in the professional world needs to embody what you are known for best and where you excel beyond all others. The app at analyzes Business Decision Maker Linked In profiles to create totally new job titles based on skills, industry and achievements. Titles like “Customer Champion”, “Growth Rock Star” and “Logistics Playmaker” showed them that Microsoft Dynamics helps unlock their potential to be defined by what they do and achieve, not by what HR tells them their job title is. Available across desktop, tablet and mobile, these Business Decision Makers created new nametags from anywhere and shared them with their peers on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Using LinkedIn’s advanced targeting capabilities, Microsoft also delivered hyper relevant content to based on their industry within the web app alongside their nametags. In a highly cluttered Tech/B2B advertising environment, this was something totally different that broke through. Over 12 Thousand nametags (and growing) have been created since January, with more than half being created as a result of seeing peers’ nametags within social media. Microsoft’s engagement rate was 300x higher than other third party apps on LinkedIn and people were 2.5x more likely to share their app on the networking site.