Samsung, "Life’s a Photo. Take It." Starcom MediaVest (Global)

In November 2012, Samsung launched the Galaxy Camera in eight key countries around the world. A superior point and shoot camera with Android apps and connectivity – the Galaxy Camera has all the capabilities and benefits of a smartphone camera to take pictures worth sharing, but the picture taking quality is vastly improved. The campaign was built on the insight that photography is as much about gaining social currency as it is about capturing the moment. To drive purchase intent, we needed to prove to young adults obsessed with posting photos online that the pictures they’re taking just aren’t good enough. Young people think about posting on Facebook or Instagram before the photo has even been snapped. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that a smartphone camera just doesn’t retain the vividness of their experiences. Enlisting the world’s top influencers, we helped them show off their definition of social currency in our “Life’s a photo. Take it.” campaign. 32 prominent Instagrammers were selected in the eight markets and were asked to put their city in its most photogenic light using the Galaxy Camera. Photos were uploaded to a bottomless Tumblr page connected to Instagram and other social media networks where fans could vote for their favorites. The city that won the most likes won a massive party in the photographers' honor. A perfectly elegant program, but how to make it iconic? Samsung worked with media partner VICE to assign photographers a respective camera mode and created eight separate videos profiling each photographer, one for each market. Videos were housed inside a fleet of custom display media, and activated across VICE's digital network. Supplemental media executed with by an array of premiere partners helped create scale, making the Life's a Photo- Take it campaign a massive success. When these Instagrammers paired Galaxy Camera’s superior photo quality with its Android-based apps and connectivity, they showed young adults the equation for social stardom. Samsung successfully positioned Galaxy Camera at the center of a world obsessed with posting photos online. The campaign drove lifts of 58% in brand awareness and 115% in purchase intent. The Tumblr program garnered over 1 Million clicks and the videos received 1.3 Million YouTube views – 300% above benchmark.