Canon ImaginationGOLD

Canon, "Project Imaginat10n," MediaCom (Local-multi)

Canon's past "Project Imagin8ion" campaign , featuring he first user-generated photo contest to inspire a Hollywood film was a resounding success for the brand, sending the Canon brand shooting to #1 in market share. So how did they take something that was already a winner, and make it bigger, better and bolder? It was time to turn up the dial from 8 to 10. Enter "Project Imaginat10n." We still wanted to position Canon as the ultimate creative enabler while maintaining its heritage in the still image. But now, the focus was Canon’s industry-revolutionizing DSLR HD video. We needed to solidify Canon’s stake in Hollywood filmmaking in a highly impactful way. The targets were photographers and filmmakers at all levels of experience who all share a common need for self-expression. Canon wanted to prove that we’re all creative and anyone can sit in the director’s chair. They empowered their consumers to not only submit photos, but their own film with the very best of them screened at the first-ever “Project Imaginat10n” Film Festival. For “Project Imaginat10n,” Canon brought five times the star-power, enlisting the help of Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, designer Georgina Chapman and musician James Murphy to direct their own films shot on Canon cameras. These first-time directors are influential in each of their disciplines, enabling the campaign to inspire a range of new consumers. But instead of just inspiring the films, Canon also invited consumers to create their own films. To drive home the message of creativity, Canon delivered inspiring media executions that kept consumers involved. They worked with Flickr to build a photo upload unit and partnered with E! Entertainment Television for custom TV and digital content on what inspires celebrities. The DSLR market is highly competitive, and once people have chosen their first DSLR camera, they tend not to switch brands. That’s why differentiating Canon to reach new-to-DSLR consumers is vital. And the market has been revolutionized. First, the profile of DSLR purchasers has changed. No longer the domain of geeks and pros, the market now includes families, the young and active and amateur photographers. Second, photography has changed. Ease of sharing means photography isn’t just about recording memories; it’s also a way for budding amateurs to express themselves and be recognized. And that’s just what we did. This wasn’t your ordinary brand contest. Enlisting the best of the best gave “Project Imaginat10n” clout and prestige, instantly tying the Canon name to quality. More than that, though, it gave consumers a chance to be part of Hollywood magic. It made every entrant a collaborator, and it epitomized the right kind of brand storytelling: with the consumer at the center. Since the launch of Project Imaginat10n, media has driven an incredible 82% increase in photo uploads and a 76% decrease in cost per upload. PR for the campaign exploded, garnering three times more press than the original project and a staggering 1.7 billion impressions. Canon netted $25 million in total PR value – a number that is still climbing.