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Bronze: Nivea submitted by OMD Germany

NiveaNIVEA has a strong heritage in hair care, but was a late entrant into the men’s hair loss category. To build a strong new brand, NIVEA wanted to show how easily their anti-hair-loss system worked. Football is a source of emotional involvement and undivided attention for men, so the football browser game, “goalunited” offered an opportunity to create a new form of in-game advertising. The NIVEA Hair Recharge Cup was a 4-week tournament that enabled virtual players to grow hair in real time—resulting in some of the cult hairstyles of former football idols like Paul Breitner, Guenter Netzer and Carlos Valderama. Thanks to the flexibility of the medium, NIVEA could “prove” the results of using their anti-hair-loss system—in a way never done before.