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SILVER: Pepto Bismol submitted by Starcom Mexico

Pepto BirsmolPepto Bismol is largely considered an anti-diarrheic by Mexican consumers, yet Pepto’s formulation also works effectively as an antacid. It was necessary to find the perfect moment to convey this additional benefit. September 15th is Independence Day, or “Día del Grito” (Shout Day), when Mexicans celebrate to excess-- partying with tequila, tacos, chili, and traditional greasy, spicy dishes. The Mariachi, traditional Mexican folk musicians, also share in the celebration and encourage the party-ers to continue. Pepto Bismol created the Pink Mariachi, dressed in Pepto’s pink and singing traditional songs—humorously adapted to stomach issues and brand benefits. The campaign fueled a Pink Mariachi boom, created a fun topic in Mexicans’ celebrations and provided good relief!