SILVER — Davivienda Bank
“El Corresponsal Davivienda”

Entrant Company: Starcom Colombia
A Local Brand or Service in a Local Market with innovative media solutions worthy of international adaptation or of world class standards.


The Situation: At Football World Cup big companies do big campaigns. The challenge for the Davivlenda bank was show up during the World Cup season In Colombia with o third of the budgets of main advertisers. Is also crucial to remember that Davivienda is a financial institution, this category Is not associated with football and Is considered by many consumers as "boring". We had little chance of becoming the most remembered brand in a season as competitive as it Is Football World Cup.  

DAVIVIENDA is a private bank that decided to go public in the stock market. As the World Cup approached, we were asked to make a campaign that would generate the highest possible brand awareness among consumers and potential stock investors. Therefore, Davivenda's image had to be ubiquitous in the media to cover the financial and consumer press. The business challenge entailed creating a campaign that would leverage the World Cup without directly relying on mentioning "soccer" while associating "banking" with FUN. Besides having this challenge, there was also an "ego challenge" since the brand had to become the most noticed and remembered brand but with only the third of the budget that the leading brands usually spent in advertising-- (Coca Cola, Movistar, Cerveza Aguila).  

In order to reach the same high brand awareness level of the brands that invested three times more than Davivienda, our message needed to reach the consumers directly. Consumers would then spread it among their social networks and included in their daily conversations. We needed to get inside consumers' lives and generate WORD OF MOUTH from the campaign.

Insight and Strategic Approach: The Colombian football team was not in the World Cup (again, sadly!). Colombians therefore were looking forward to the events "around" the World Cup for fun and sharing with friends, such as Shakira’s opening concert.  Our research found that the World Cup not only revolves around football, but it is the closest to being "on vacation" as people want to have fun together to enjoy, share and talk about this season. Entertainment was the focus of media strategy, to appear at key moments when Colombians were having fun, in order to be highly visible and memorable to the target audience.  

ASSOCIATE "FUN" WITH DAVIDIENDA by creating a FUNNY pseudo-Reporter who would be at the WRONG time and the WRONG place during World Cup Events. This would then serve as a warning that consumers' money could be at the WRONG bank, just like the Pseudo-reporter, if it wasn't with Davivienda. We then created viral messaging and a fan community based on the concept that if we wanted to give people something to talk about, we needed to be where they were talking. Instead of being solely where they were watching soccer. We would be in the places where people's opinions were formed so we can form opinions as well. We identified locations where conversations began (mostly media forums), and then placed funny messages to trigger the kind of conversations that people like to share virally with their friends, including videos and trivia.
Media Tactics: The use of the media was focused on raising awareness of the funniest reporter stories about the World Cup, making him a real World Cup character in television programs, magazines and digital media. This provided Colombians with fun content to share with their friends in this party season using the "word of mouth" as principal media. We created content "google-able" and "web-able".  

The vignettes connected to Davivienda's corporate message, "Your Money could be in the wrong place, best if you bring it to Davivienda."  We used the Pseudo-reporter to embody the 'FUN' element that bank messages usually lack.  Open TV became a complete platform on the internet to spread the character of "reporter"-- who was reporting news from the wrong location and at the wrong time.  

For example, his first story took us to "CUZCO," two days before the official opening ceremony. The REPORTER's character becomes a personality who instantly enjoys fame/infamy for always being at the wrong place and time.  

How this Campaign may be a Template for World Class Standards  

This campaign is an example of world class standards because it represented one of the most desired topics by Colombians during the World Cup. The campaign content of the brand was adopted by consumers, solving the budget problem, because consumers were looking for the brand (as opposed to the brand pitching to consumers). Innovative use of media allowed consumers to interact in all areas as they were curious to discover new, fun content.