Vestas Wind
Systems, Denmark
CREX-Corporate Renewable
Energy Index

Much of the demand for renewable technologies has been driven by specific energy policies. But there is also a growing awareness of the benefits of generating and using clean energy over and above the incentives provided by governments, especially among corporate energy users.

CREX program or Corporate Renewable Energy Index is the largest mapping to date of global corporations' renewable energy procurement in collaboration with Bloomberg. The aim of the CREX is to identify the quantity and the sources of renewable energy used by companies around the world, based on a detailed survey. This provides much-needed transparency for a range of stakeholders, including:

The CREX report is one initiative to create this transparency to the benefit of companies and consumers alike. Vestas and Bloomberg believe that transparency is a prerequisite for better decision-making by consumers, companies and policy-makers. CREX is one of the most incredible, powerful marketing and branding concepts developed in the energy business for many years and it has already received support from close to 400 top brands in the world.