Raising the Waste Game
Carat & Mbongiworks South Africa
Enviroserv took the worry out of waste management and built affinity with key decision makers by “trash talking” during national cricket tournaments while also scouring beaches and turning garbage into sports equipment. The result was an 8:1 return on investment - now that’s winning at raising the waste game.

Move Your Thinking
Havas Media Middle East
With one execution, Hyundai’s Azera broke stereotypes and challenged conventions with its first-ever moving image print ad allowing consumers to see a full 360-degree view of the car. Not only did they make consumers rethink “standard” car print ads, but test-drive requests jumped 230%.

Kraft – Bakers Chocolate
100% Pure
Starcom MediaVest Group Canada
When a challenger entered the market, Baker’s Chocolate partnered with Canadian Living to feature a brand-inspired dessert on a special double cover and recipe integration during a key holiday baking period, highlighting why Baker’s Chocolate is the “pure-fect” choice for baking.

ONU-Sida (Aids)
Ver para entender (See to understand)
OMD Guatemala
To focus attention on a taboo topic – AIDS – ONU distributed red eye glasses to spokespeople and celebrities who helped turn the campaign into a viral, global statement.

Samsung-Galaxy Note
World Ski and Snowboard Festival
StarcomMedia Vest Canada
To become the national leader in smartphones, Samsung delivered homegrown content surrounding the Telus World Ski & Snowboard festival that spoke to a culture while also celebrating the distinctive features of the Note.

Surf Excel
Make a Difference
OMD India
Surf Excel went social in order to bring “dirt is good” to life by giving consumers a chance to give back. For every “like” online, the brand donated products to a NGO partner, ultimately helping over 185,000 people.

SAP a Tortix
OMD Guatemala
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, snack brand Tortrix translated popular foreign soap operas, movies and sporting events into the native language on the SAP audio channel, giving Guatemalans the option to watch the programs as if they were produced in their own country.

Visa prepaid
Open a New World
With over 70 million unbanked or under-banked consumers in the US, Visa set out to become the leading name in the prepaid category by reaching consumers when they were engaged in free entertainment to show how prepaid cards could open up possibilities for their future.

Warby Parker
Spark Communications
Soho-based Warby Parker set its sights on expanding awareness of their eyeglasses to a television audience, but it needed to increase scale without sacrificing their cool factor. “Hipstervision,” a 100% addressable TV strategy, resulted in a 30% growth in branded term searches and direct traffic to the site.

Zest (P&G)
Shower Stories
Starcom MediaVest Group Mexico
To show the emotional rewards of using its product, Zest discovered what’s under their consumer’s skins and created short-format episodes of “Shower Stories” that aired on TV and online and gave users a chance to come clean while also increasing sales 23%.