Microsoft Windows 8, Your World through Windows 8, Starcom MediaVest Group US

Millions of people use Windows every day; they know it and love it. With the Windows 8 launch, Microsoft had a real opportunity to reinvent itself in a highly competitive, rapidly evolving personal computing marketplace. They worked with 49 media brands to design 240 pieces of customized creative and copy, with almost one hour of video content, driving to their Windows Store apps. On TV, the most loved characters were part of 15 custom content integrations and videos that ran in every prime time show on the top TV networks. In Times Square, 39 synched screens let people interact with Windows 8 for 18 hours across three days. By late November, 40 Million Windows 8 licenses shipped – 10 million more than Windows 7 in the first two months of launch. By January the number climbed to 60 million.